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Real Building is a family-owned business. We’ve been operating across Dorset and Hampshire since 1968 and have a fine track record of exceptional quality and delighted customers. Few things in our trade are as rewarding as revisiting a project built decades ago and seeing it still looking superb. That’’s the foundation of our reputation for quality and the proof of our enduring expertise. It’’s still the same today.

We work in an industry where things change. It’’s the nature of construction that problems sometimes only get revealed once a project is under way. There is an ideal solution to this: communication -– and that’s where we excel. No-one likes surprises, so we make sure we talk to our customers about the issues, the options and the available solutions to get clear agreement on how best to proceed.

And we go the extra mile. Our customers will happily testify to the attention to detail we like to bring to our projects, from exterior landscaping to interior décor. It’’s all part of the service. And we think it makes us very different. In fact, many of our customers think it makes us exceptional.

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